Live Work Space

Live to work or work to live. The line between work and life continues to blur and for some particular lifestyle as small business, along with technology improvement, it seems inevitable and many people – not only those in the creative sector- are utilizing where they live for their business ventures. While many live/work units are the result of an existing non-residential building – such as a warehouse  undergoing a conversion, they are also now built specifically for the purpose, the concept of a mixed used building  now  being applied to a smaller scale, a mixed used space. In this case it is a family apartment unoccupied for years that has been renovated with live and work space clearly defined, thus allowing an inspirational working environment and a relaxing home life. Flexibility of the space for occupants now and then in buildings is a factor that adapt to the new economy demands and can offer home-based workers looking to rent or even own one place, both a practical and economic solution.

Rabieh, El-Metn

Client: Projects untitled
Location: Rabieh – El metn
Specs: 3 Bedrooms for live space – Open space for work space: table to accommodate 10 people, one office with library & one sample room. Int. Surface: 250M2, Storage: 20M2, Balcony: 30M2, Total of 300M2, common circulation (lift and staircase) not included.
Coll: Doumit Tannous (Woodworks) – Albert Eid (Electricity works) – Mohammad al Khatib (Pluming works)