Yarze Villa

A sculptural staircase brings character and spirit to this four story mansion in Yarze, in the surroundings of Beirut. The staircase – the central feature of the residence – leads all the way up to a magnificent terrace overlooking the urban seascape. Spirituality and openness welcomes the visitor – inviting him to make him or herself comfortable, and step inside.

The project is ambitious. The client though, favors the recourse to minimalist features and ‘no-frills’ aesthetics. Accordingly, the design capitalizes on the use of simple devices and raw materials. Casted concrete, dark metals, African wood and textured whites bring serenitude, warmth, and joy to the ensemble. Finally, special attention is payed to both visual and sound ambiances – the careful framing of window views, for instance, or the insertion of an integrated hi-fi system than spans the residence throughout.

Yarze – Lebanon
{2013 – 2016}

Client: Private
Location: Yarze — surroundings of Beirut
Specs: 4 story house (4 bedrooms; 735 sqm) + terrace/pool/penthouse (400 sqm) & garden (130 sqm).
Coll.: alii
Status: construction work ongoing – expected delivery dec. 2016