A hut in the woods

A container used for a site in the village of Achkoute was relocated in a plot belonging to the engineer in charge. Painted in black, the container was converted to a studio for rent, among the trees, overlooking the beautiful village. All material used are waisted ones from previous site work, as the ceiling in mahogany wood or the floor in vinyl. All furniture are recycled as well, since not being used by the engineer for years, including bathroom vanity, shower mixer etc.. Hence, budget only concerned some electrical sockets.

Achkout, Keserwan – Lebanon

Client: Nabih Massaad, engineer
Location: Achkoute, Mount Lebanon,
Specification: Total area of 28 M2, all recycled materials (Vinyl, Wood, steel, ceramic and newspaper for shower)
Coll: Nabih Massaad, engineer.
Status: Completed