Bathroom Design – Renovation

This bathroom – a very private bathroom – belongs to a keen-eyed, reclusive bachelor, business man of Beirut. His apartment (a penthouse he recently acquired for it perfectly suited his needs, except for the water room, which suffered slight damages) stands as a fortress with respects to his solitary nature, and contemplative pleasures of his liking.

The goal is to replace the damaged surfaces, widened the shower and recess the jacuzzi, within a tight budget and despite a complex plumbing setting. Admittedly, the task is a bit of a challenge. The intervention manages to meet the technical requirements while remaining subtle in its rendering. While inventively dealing with the mechanical puzzle, continuous basalt inner linings establish a visual continuity with the gray scales of the other rooms – showing a mindfulness and great mastery of the architectural tricks of the trade.

Beirut, Lebanon

Client: Private
Location: Yarze,  surroundings of Beirut
Specs: 15 sqm bathroom; Jacuzzi 1,5 x 1,5m & shower 1,5 x 1,3m
Coll.: n/a
Status: completed