Bsalim apartment

For the rejuvenation of this luxurious apartment in Metn, a soft touch combined with the dexterity of astute designs.

The original marble flooring – a classical high-end stone: not bad, yet a bit flat in the context of this unit – is the creative constraint that needs to be dealt with. The intervention commands a certain finesse. Punctual modifications and, most importantly, custom design of buffet woodworks are central to the piece. Positioned alongside the walls, they punctuate the room. Variations in heights and levels; serrated details, and visual indentation bring rhythm to an otherwise most quiet, etheric atmosphere. A tactful approach, delicate and refined, conducted with consideration for the loving couple to whom it belongs.

Bsalim, El Metn – Lebanon

Client: Private
Location: Beirut — Bsalim, El Metn
Specs: Interior design + custom made furniture – 120 sqm
Coll.: Georges (carpentry)
Status: completed