Intervention – PIAFF Boutique

Piaff is a well-known boutique – an institution of sorts – of Beirut’s international fashion scene.

An acupunctural gesture – the custom drawing of new fashion displays – aims at rejuvenating the space of this high-end retail. Thick shelves made out of metal and glass punctuate an existing white display. The intervention conveys a sense of dynamism & sophistication, while fully putting designs into light. A minimal, yet affirmative gesture adding both character and strength to the boutique’s old soul.

Hamra – Beirut

Client: PIAFF (High-End Fashion Retail)
Location: Beirut — Clemenceau, Hamra
Specs: Custom design of retail display – 69,5/49,5 x 35 x 19 cm
Coll.: HAG (by Chant Hagopian)
Status: completed