Tatiana Lati graduated with high distinction as Architect D.P.L.G in 2007, from Paris’ School of Architecture Val de Seine, ENSAPVS. She worked for several years at Ateliers Jean Nouvel and at Jean Paul Viguier’s Architecture & Urban Planning Office, before heading back to Beirut where she worked for five years at Bernard Khoury/DW5.

Tatiana has experience in handling projects of various scales, all of which she oversees from preliminary drawings to construction (especially in the case of high rises). Interestingly, she also holds a specialization in scenography which informs her approach of architecture. For her, space organisation & programs; interior designs; building materials; as well as contextual architectural gestures, are informed by the desire to “tell a story” that belongs to both the architect and his clients within the context of a privileged, professional relationship.

In 2013, out of a desire to work independently Tatiana founded her own office {Projects Untitled}  based in Beirut.  Her projects have been carried on along with two other  architects: Dunia Ezzedine (since 2013) and Tamara Fneish (since 2016), both from the Lebanese University.

She runs as well high end renovations in Paris in collaboration with the Parisian agency Pure Space Architecture. Projects are thus  managed from concept to completion including site works, in accordance  with local regulations and constraints.