Neuilly Apartment

A young couple with a daughter acquired a vast apartment in a residential parisian neighborhood. Renovation had to be done within a very limited time & budget. The concept focused mainly on how to magnify the volumes with a fluid circulation and to remain basic, with tonalities of white and grey for all the refurbished bathrooms, kitchen, walls and cabinets. Thus one main intervention was done which is inverting the existing kitchen with the bedroom adjacent to the laundry space. The newly located kitchen has a glazed partitioning, allowing a full reading of the reception area on its 14 M depth. The newly located bedroom is enlarged by incorporating the SAS. This apartment is characterized by two comfortable master bedrooms, spacious bathrooms and reception area.

{Feb 2017-Sept 2017}

Client: Private
Location: 16e arrondissement
Specs: 150 M2
Coll.: Pure Space Architecture
Status: Completed