Rabieh Apartment – Reno Intervention

A loving, longstanding couple mutually agree to sleep in separate rooms. The idea is to convert the area of what was formerly the master bedroom, creating two “spaces of one’s own” adapted to the respective needs, and renewed intimacy of the aging couple.

Madam’s room, on the one hand, is inspired by conventional wisdom (bed; dressing; storage cabinet); the space is centered on efficiency and hygiene, focusing on the careful organisation of functions & objects. Her husband’s den on the other hand, is more spiritual, and contemplative in nature. Half-bedroom, half-study, a large, custom-designed book shelf covers the whole stretch of a wall, protecting notes & various scriptures from the light, and dust.

Also, following the departure of one of their daughter, a bedroom initially designed for two children is renovated in order to reflect new needs (i.e. better suiting single occupancy). A library, personal workspace and a double bed are added to the new design, playing along tones of white, blue and light wood.

Beirut, Lebanon

Client: Private
Location: Rabieh, Metn
Specs: Interior Design Revamp (100 sqm) + custom made furniture
Coll.: Wood Factory (woodworks), Kourany (floor treatment) Sassine the painter ☺ – Charbel Matta (electrician)