Achkout Cottage-Mountain Lodge

This house in the beautiful mountains of Keserwan in Lebanon has been restored with the approach of organic architecture. It is about to blend interiors and exteriors, and create a harmonic built environment that is not separate or dominant from nature but part of a unified whole.
Painting on the back wall of the house has been stripped to reveal the majestic rock on which it stands, enhanced on its double height as a mezzanine was removed in the living area. The rock wall goes through the bathroom and one of the bedrooms, delimitated only by one piece of glass, allowing natural light to flow in. Taking a shower in a rock, relaxing in a cave opening to the hills and mountains is part of being at home, in harmony with nature. At night, the rock wall lights up the space by warm spots sometimes visible, other times hidden, revealing old objects found occasionally by the owner.

Achkout, Keserwan – Lebanon

Client: @thewild.bungalows
Specs:2 Bedroom and open living space. Total area of 66M2 and 100M2 of terrace
Coll: Nabih Massaad, Contractor
Status: Completed