Apartment in Trocadero

How does one negotiate the preservation of historical treasures on the one hand, and the necessities of a conservative, yet contemporary lifestyle on the other?

A couple of Lebanese descent owns an historic, haussmanian apartment building in Paris. They express the idea of making it their own – renovating and modernizing it. Patrimonial mindfulness, or course, is mandatory here. Cast-iron heating pipes, sculpted moldings and herringbone parquets are scrupulously restaurated. The Parisian tradition is met by the heritage of this lebanese family of noble descent, which antiques, furniture & suspended lightings stand for. The renovation is conducted in strict observance of such rich, overlapping traditions. And yet, a startling modernity spans the ensemble throughout: recessed shooting lights; immaculate surfaces; modern materials; generous water rooms; services & appliances at the cutting edge of today’s technologies. Dark blues, light browns and sparkling whites reflects both a neat contemporaneity and a marked classicism: modernity and traditions, combined with care, sobriety, and great judgement.


Client: Private
Location: Paris – Trocadero
Specs: 4 bedrooms apartement – 220 sqm. Architectural design, interior design + furniture.
Coll.:Pure Space Architecture
Status: completed