Fakra Cottage – Ski/Mountain Lodge

A busy couple with children acquire this partially renovated mountain lodge – a 3 story cottage located in proximity of a ski resort. The cottage is rustic, convivial, and a tad old school – for better or for worst. The house has a great many qualities… and a few shortcomings such as low ceilings and a slightly irritating red parquet flooring – which remains despite much effort in trying to strip it.

Minute yet meaningful interventions are performed in order to revamp the cottage and give it a rejuvenated look – without encroaching too much on its rustic, ‘laid back’ nature. Alcoves and shelves; recessed cabinets; shooting lights; wooden laths and textured finishes very subtly harmonize, and sooth the ambiance. A house-wide lighting plan (including the exterior garden) completes the effort – softening the tones while establishing continuity throughout the house.

Fakra, Lebanon

Client: Private
Location: Fakra
Specs: Cottage Renovation – 105 sqm indoor space + 22 sqm outdoor terrace
Coll.: Woodworks by Doumit Tannous & Electrical works by Nadim
Status: Completed