Pop Up Boutique

This quite original retail space is owned by a young man whose garment boutique, and overall lifestyle, are at the cutting edge of fashion trends.

So narrow that it is cute, the space nevertheless represents a certain challenge. Working around the lack of flooring, an existing mezzanine is blown up – allowing for the use of the walls and ceilings instead. The strategy, counter-intuitive at first, is clever. A system or continuous rails, rolling from ceilings to floors, supports lighting fixtures, adjustable shelves, and movable displays alongside the walls. Rather than a traditional back-store, the design makes use of a full-fledged transparency. Astutely embedded furniture & foldable displays allow for endless customization of the boutique according to changing stocks and marketing needs. The deep tones of steel and rich textures of raw concrete offer a startling contrast with the light that percolates from the white walls. The result is audacious, energetic and daring.

Beirut — Hamra

Client: POPUP S.A.R.L
Location: Beirut — Clemenceau, Hamra
Specs: 15 sqm retail space with 4.5 m double height ceiling
Coll.: n/a
Status: TBD (concept)