Surf Shack

This cabin serves as a surf rental in the summer, as well as a resting area for beach vacationers or tourists coming from the renown Movenpick Hotel nearby.

The installation is designed so it can easily be dismantled or reassembled according to needs or seasons. With the exception of the rooftop, it is made entirely of one single material. Wooden lath are carefully inter- twined, dressing up in elegant laces the otherwise very pure lines of the structural layout. Delicately indented at its edges, the small building conveys an ambiance most representative of the beach resort and its distin- guished clientele – all together rich, casual, and modern.

Movenpick Beach Resort – Beirut, Lebanon

Client: Sports Center Sun & Surf LLC
Location: Raoucheh, Beirut
Specs: Seasonal installation concept (remountable/dismantable);
Wooden Laths & Corrugated Steel
Coll.: n/a
Status: ephemeral – completed