Marfa’s Art Gallery

Two former industrial spaces are redefined and merged into one. Located in Beirut’s Industrial Port, the space is now home to a gallery devoted to contemporary art – hence its immaculate, geometrical rendering.

Although completely transformed, the visual distinction of the two original volumes is preserved for curatorial purposes – so the galerist can exploit their contrast (creating climax or featuring specific pieces of a show). Private services & functionalities (wc, kitchen, admin/selling offices, etc.) carefully lay behind walls, hidden from view.

The public accesses the gallery through large garage doors with foldable glass windows which can be completely opened up. The architectural goal is achieved, yet it remains quiet. Sober and most pure, it « makes room » for art – truly.


Client: Marfa Art Gallery
Location: Beirut Industrial Port
/130 sqm of open gallery space/
Status: Completed