Bsalim Terrace

This terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city and its seascape. It belongs to a newly married couple who wanted to being able to benefit from the view under the sun just as well as on rainy days – for friendly gatherings or alone in intimacy.

The idea was to conceive of an outdoor lounge that could easily be transposed into a contained veranda. The space is laid back, soft, romantic even – yet no less rigorous in both its execution and its design. Custom-made furniture, countertops, indirect lighting; sound design, floor texture, and the positioning of tables or intimate seatings; fabrics, appliances, food & bar conveniences – every single detail has been thought through – carefully crafted and drawn, by the millimeter. Minutia in the choice of materials and textures, ranging from rich woods to stone and concrete, brings sophistication and comfort to this warm, inviting “hot spot”.

{2014 – 2015}

Client: Private
Location: Beirut — Bsalim, Metn
Specs: Custom design of furniture & convertible terrace setting (interior 40 sqm/exterior 75 sqm)
Coll.: Georges (carpentry), Karim el Haiby (BBQ)
Status: ephemeral – completed