Things I'm Not - Scenography

For this original dance production, a custom-made, articulated silver frame carries the performers’ movements. The dancers’ bodies rub against one another. Slowly stripped of their clothes, they collide, rock, intertwine – progressively merging into one.

The frame is a reference to conventional family / wedding pictures – i.e. to portraits commonly found in most households. The architectural gesture, both poetic and strong, remains simple in its devices – a foundational act, if you will, representative of Tatiana’s signature & overall identity.

Al-Madina Theater, Beirut
Choreography by Nada Kano
{Jan. – Feb. 2016}

Client: Nada Kano // Beirut Dance Company
Location: Al-Madina Theater, Beirut — Hamra
Specs: Foldable MDF Frame 4.5 X 11 M & Cables
Coll.: Joseph Hachem (carpentry)
Status: ephemeral – completed